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Jemma Barwick
Director & Makeup Artist @ Verbier

Jemma Barwick

“I believe every haircut should be a work of art - one you just happen to wear all day.”

A true snow-lover, as well as a truly talented stylist and fully qualified, make up artist, Jemma has been at the centre of a blizzard of popular demand since leaving our Tunbridge Wells flagship to launch our own fully independent salon the glamorous Swiss ski-resort of Verbier.

“The unique Chapel brand concept allows me to create something very special over here, and tailor each appointment to your exact needs.” Explains Jemma, “I want to spend time with you then create a work of art that you can wear daily. Bone structure, hair texture and density, even your lifestyle, all play key roles in the design.”

However, before creating any masterpiece you need a smooth canvas, so Jemma is equally dedicated to educating her guests to help them get the best from their hair by offering advice on the best products to use when creating that perfect base for their stylist to worth with.”

“Your hair is your greatest accessory,’ Jemma continues “so I want it to bring out the best in you from your eye colour to skin tone, even to compliment your wardrobe. I can like to help guest move their style through the seasons, simply by tailoring it with small tweaks here and there - after all, the littlest changes often make the largest impact.”

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