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Katie Freeman
Stylist @ Verbier

Katie Freeman

"Hairdressing has been an amazing part of my life for 13 years now, and it's more than just my job; it's my creative passion that never leaves me even after work hours."

All of us feel amazing when our crowns of hair are looking tip-top and so with every guest that sits with me, I love to take the time to make sure we iron out any worries or concerns that may be pre-existing and aim to create a happy vibe towards the ultimate hair goal suited to them and their lifestyle.

My love of being a hairstylist has given me the joy of traveling to different corners of the world, enabling me to work in the busy Sydney city to cruising and styling hair around the Caribbean Islands, and more recently back home to the sunny south coast of England.

And now I am super excited and fortunate enough to be working in the snowing mountains of Switzerland! I'm looking forward to seeing you in the salon and on the slopes!

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